Monday, July 5, 2010

Random post is random. (But with castles!)

Why hello,

Since Castle Hill I have visited the Archeopark, site of an early medieval age Akropol, and also Hukvaldy, the third oldest castle in Czech. I am working on the blog posts, but these things take time :)

Meanwhile, I have a few photos to entertain with.

First, by request: More haystacks!

A nifty wagon:

And now, a ton of Czech castles. Well, okay, a few- I'll try and get the full poster later, and in better quality. This is but a small sample. Most of the dates on these are the dates they were reconstructed. If there are two dates, the earlier may be the year it was reconstructed to; ie- how it looked in 1613 or w/e. Note there are some repeats.


  1. so cool... and I had missed the other post, that is what I get for ignoring blogger. Anyway - I loved the other one, too!