Friday, October 15, 2010


Both Pszczyna, and Wawel which I'll cover next, are two grand castles in Poland. They have less of a defensive function than the castles I prefer to visit, so I'm going to cover them briefly in one post. I'll be focusing more on decor than structure, and little text to go with my photos...

Fortification: Pszczyna Castle
Location: Pszczyna, Poland
Built: 15th century, though an earlier castle was built in the 11th or 12th century.

Pszczyna was once an ideal hunting site, and is now set in a park. It's a grand structure, full of interesting furnishings and architecture.

The entrance:

Inside the main hall, the floor was so simply elegant, I had to get a photo:

I wonder when wood tiles like this were first used?

This is part of the engraving from a wood bench:

 Part of the hunting decor:

At the base of the stairs:

A close up of the top, which is a... I'm not sure at all, and there was no written explanation unfortunately.

Some art on display:

Weapons and armor in one of the hunting display areas:

The park right outside the entrance:

A bison in the small zoo at the edge of the park:

Unfortunately I was not able to see the weapons and armor display during my visit.

More information about Pszczyna can be found here.

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