Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let the good times roll.

Coincidentally, on the first full day of my trip, I learned about how they are building an authentic castle (authentically!) in France. See the article here. The video is particularly interesting.

Not castle related, but interesting none the less:

I love how they stack their hay in Europe, up on wooden supports.

This way, if it rains, water runs off the outside and it’s less likely to be ruined.

They can always take it down and spread it out again, too:

Makes sense to me.


Today I stopped by this place:

But it was closed. Thus I know nothing about it, aside from it was rebuilt from archeological findings, and it’s in Czech. I will go back with my family on the weekend and report in then. It looks absolutely fantastic.

Instead, we went to Cieszyn to see Castle Hill. It is on the Polish side of the city.

I will be blogging about it tomorrow, if I have enough time in the evening to write it all up.

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  1. Ah, very imposing. If I was a peasant, I'd totally go there during a raid. :) Looking forward to more Eastern Eurpoean-ness. :)